MBA Internships and MBA Internship Applications

Most top business schools have MBA internships that are mandatory requirements as part of their program. While they are no guarantee of a MBA job offer they do create valuable opportunities in networking and direct hands-on experience in your field of work. An MBA internship also gives students a unique opportunity to explore a particular industry before accepting a permanent job offer.

Once you have been accepted into a specific MBA internship program it is important to make the most of the experience. Professional networking relationships and skills you will acquire throughout your internship will be ones that can be far reaching with many positive benefits to last throughout the lifetime of your career. It is vital that you treat all your MBA internships with professionalism and an eagerness to learn.

Some of the specific things you can do to maximize any internship opportunity are:

  • Set some specific goals – Are there specific skills you hope to gain? Discuss your goals with your mentor and periodically review these goals with him or her.
  • Get Involved – Interact with as many departments as you can. Immerse yourself in the organization and your assignments. Read everything you can and always go that extra step.
  • Best Effort – No matter how menial the task may seem always perform it with enthusiasm and without complaining. Your supervisors need to see that you are capable of doing whatever is necessary, even the mundane tasks have to get done.
  • Show Initiative – Always complete the work you are assigned but look for opportunities to do more without being asked. Get involved in special projects even if above your skill level where you can observe how things are done and decisions are made.
  • Professionalism – Always be professional in the way you conduct yourself and in the way you dress. Maintain a positive attitude and never get involved with office gossip. Remember that you can learn from everyone, even those that do not rank higher than you.
  • Find a Mentor – Find someone at the very beginning of your internship who is willing to spend time with you on a regular basis, perhaps on coffee breaks or lunch once a week. Ask questions about the company, about their job and about how they see your work.
  • Assess the Opportunity – Hopefully you have made a checklist of what you hoped to accomplish and get out of this experience. Review these regularly. Ask yourself if this is the type of work or industry that you see yourself in and where do you see yourself going from here.

There are many internship opportunities across a wide spectrum of industries that can help you jump-start your career or open doors to new challenges. Some of the more sought after MBA internships are:

  1. Toyota Internships Program
  2. Sony Global Internships
  3. Sun MBA Internship Program
  4. Verizon College Intern Program
  5. DOL MBA Internship Program
  6. PARC MBA Internship Program
  7. Progressive MBA Internship
  8. Mattel MBA Internships
  9. Wal-Mart MBA Internship Program
  10. The Hartford MBA Internship Program

Take the time to research as many MBA internship programs as you can in the fields that you are interested in. The more experience you can gain and the more networking opportunities you can take advantage of will play a large part in helping set the stage for future success.