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Subjective factors such as “the intensity of the interactions between classmates” may well have a greater influence on students’ satisfaction with a program, than objective factors such as the average GMAT score of a given class.

Nevertheless, many prospective MBA students seek some sort of guidance as they create a shortlist of schools to apply to. Therefore, a number of well-known publications have tried to come up with “rankings” that express the “quality” of business schools using a single, overall score.

Today’s students are different. Increased mobility and autonomy have created audiences more diverse, more particular and more inundated with marketing messages than ever before. Not surprisingly, getting them to respond to your message requires a dynamic blend of art and science.

We generate high-quality student prospects for both proprietary and non-profit institutions, and help those schools activate their brands to convert individuals into committed enrollments. We help each institution reach potential students, to let them know what the institution offers.

As any MBA graduate will tell you, it is very hard (if not impossible) to determine the “quality” of an MBA program in some “objective” fashion.

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Mattehw Bowes
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Mattehw Bowes Founder / Site AuthorBorn and raised in the igloos of Ottawa, Ontario. Matthew Bowes embarked upon his IT career as a Network Technician. As time passed Matthews passion for community involvement and client interaction, naturally had Matthew searching for a more people orientated career.

Matthew Bowes moved to Nanaimo, B.C. in the earlier part of 2002 to take on the role of Production Manager for Webacom Media Corp. While holding the position for 3 years Matthew spent a large part of his free time participating in many volunteer programs such as Chamber of Commerce and the Nanaimo Rotary. Along side these programs Matthew participated in a vast array of outdoor activities such as the Nanaimo Bathtub Race and the Parksville International Sandcastle Competition.

With an ever strong love for the West Coast and a desire for a livelier city Matthew Bowes moved to Victoria, B.C. in 2005. Matthew was quickly enlisted to head up the Quality Control and Sales Division of Iconic Media Inc. While working as the Director of Operations for Iconic Media, Matthew Bowes found his true calling in the world of Search Marketing.

Matthew is now Metamends Senior Account Manager and is still actively involved in his surrounding community. Most recently, with the help of his co-workers, Matthew started the first annual Floor Hockey Challenge in support of the Mustard Seed Food Bank which has now become an annual event. With the rest of his free time Matthew works on his Education website.

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Kathy Orchover Senior Editor Kathy Orchover combines her talent as a writer with a strong belief that knowledge and the pursuit of higher education is the true path to power. She understands the influence that today’s technology can have on individuals from all walks of life and strives to provide relevant and trustworthy articles in order to give people the tools to make more informed decisions about the direction that their lives can take. Through her research skills, Kathy strives to bring readers the information they need on all facets of continuing their educational pursuits.

As a long time volunteer with various community organizations, Kathy is committed to helping others gather the information they need to improve their lives. She is proud to be the recipient of a Community Service Citation Award for her efforts in opening the channels of communication between residents, politicians and the local police force in her former neighbourhood. Kathy continues to spend much of her spare time honing her skills as a published poet.